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Howdy from Texas. My name is Rick Whitney.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself.

I enjoy The Beatles, Old Rock and Roll (50's to 70's), and Country Music.

I was born in Battle Creek, Michigan on November 9, 1953.

Central Texas is my home, but I have lived in Michigan, California, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Washington, Oklahoma, and Hawaii. Our Family really moved around. Hawaii was my favorite place to live. I worked as a disc jockey the fourteen years I lived there.

I graduated from High School in Chandler, Arizona in 1971.

My employment now involves running a computer program to tell Convenience Store Operators what to place on their shelves. It is a very interesting job, and I work with some great people.

In my spare time, what little I have, I enjoy playing Slot Machines, Bowling, Going out with My Friends to listen to Country Music, and playing on My computer.

I enjoy receiving and sending E-Mail, so feel free to send me a note, or maybe catch me on ICQ.
My ICQ Number is: 8022465.

I have recently added a Live WebCam to My Site. I have met lot's of Interesting People that way!

I had Heart Surgery on August 31, 1998, and recovered nicely!
I also quit smoking, so I guess I'm on the road to good health!

Please Visit the RicksterCam!

Thanks for visiting, and Ya'll Come Back.


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Rick Whitney * Temple, Texas