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Picture of Graduation from Cardiac Rehab Class BAR

This is the Story of My Heart Surgery

I was born with an extra muscle at the bottom of My Heart. When I was six years old, I went to The City of Hope Hospital in California for tests to see what could be done. We were told that nothing could be done at that time, but sometime in the future, this would have to be taken care of.
That time came on August 31, 1998, when I had surgery to remove the extra muscle and clean up the valves so they would perform better.
I then had to attend the cardiac rehab class to exercise and make sure all was well after the surgery. The only problem I encountered, I gained 40 lbs.!! I quit smoking before the surgery, and now I can't get enough to eat. I also started retaining fluids, so that part hasn't been fun.
Otherwise, all is well, and I look forward to a long healthy life!

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