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Rick's Extra Beanie Babies

I am willing to sell or trade. Click Here to see which Beanie Babies and Beanie Buddies I need.

Number Available Name of Beanie
January 1999 Releases
1 Eggbert the Hatching Chick
1 Goochy the Jellyfish
1 Sammy the Ty-Dye Lay Down Bear
1 Slippery the Seal
1 Stilts the Bird
  October 1998 Releases
2 Beak the Bird
1 Canyon the Cougar
1 Loosey the Goose
1 Roam the Buffalo
1 Scorch the Dragon
  Other Releases
1 Daisy the Black and White Cow
1 New Mane Derby
1 Stretch the Ostrich

Last Updated on 7/24/99
By Rick Whitney